Who We Are

Welcome to The Community Arts Council of Richmond BC

The Community Arts Council of Richmond (CACR) is a Federally and Provincially registered, not for profit charity, We have been operating in Richmond since prior to 1970. Our purpose is to provide and broaden opportunities for citizens of all ages to participate in, and benefit from. the Creative Arts. This includes, but is not limited to, supporting and exploring new avenues to provide workshops, public events, exhibitions, classes, performances and special programs.

Each year we do our best to produce quality exhibitions, programs etc. that support and enhance the arts. We "speak" for the arts, are invested in and contribute to the arts because we believe that the Arts is able to build bridges between communities, that it makes a difference in everyone's life. To imagine a world without art is to imagine a depressed dead world. We must never forget that ART CHANGES PEOPLE AND PEOPLE CHANGE THE WORLD!

Our long history has given us immense experience in working with and for the Creative Arts. During this extensive period we have:


We encourage artists and non-artists to join our membership roster to help us continue and to do more to support ARTS & CULTURE. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN ARTIST TO SUPPORT THE ARTS, YOU CAN SUPPORT THE ARTS BY SUPPORTING US OR ANY OF OUR PROJECTS. A tax receipt can be given for any cash/cheque donation in excess of $15.00 and you can stipulate which program or event you want the money directed to or leave it up to us to put it where it is most needed.  Thank you in advance for even thinking about doing this.