Member Profiles

We consider our artist members to be very talented. Many of them would not be considered professional, which is a term used that simply means they obtain the majority of their income from their art. We all know someone who is immensely talented but not well known enough to be able to survive on income from only their art. Hence the term starving artist, and we need to remember that many who we consider to be great such as Da Vinci, Picasso etc were also once starving artists whose early work while starving, is now incredibly expensive.
So we ask that you keep this in mind while you browse through the profile pages. We are still waiting for some of the artists to send us their information including some images.  If you are interested in being in contact with one of our members, please use the contact us form and we will facilitate the contact.

Corporate & Group Members

LIFE-Avenues Day Service Visual Artist , Artisan
Richmond Potters Club Ceramics , Sculpture

Participating Members

Joanne Corcoran Photography , Visual Artist
Joselito Macapagal Visual Artist
John Ostaf Photography
Linda Shirley Music , Dance
Michael Shirley Visual Artist
Violet Smythe Visual Artist
Kerri-Jo Stewart Photography , Media Arts

Supporting Members

Sze-oi Lau Visual Artist
Kathryn Newell Visual Artist

Associate Members

Wilfred Limvalencia Visual Artist
Betsy Randel Visual Artist

Lifetime Members

Marilyn Baker Visual Artist
Lee Beaudry Visual Artist , Music
Angela Cavadas Music , Opera
Klaas Focker Photography , Artisan
Efim Konovalov Visual Artist
Loren Lo Ceramics , Photography
Natasha Lozovsky-Burns Music , Dance
Bill McNulty Literary
Lin Richardson Ceramics
Robert Scagel Visual Artist
Margaret Stephens Artisan , Photography
Harold Steves Literary

Student Members

Would you like...

A certain size painting or photograph of a particular subject? Our very talented members, have a variety of disciplines and mediums, and could be the solution!

If so, please use the contact page and let us know what you are wishing for. We will do our best to put the right artist in touch with you and let you and the artists/photographer etc. figure it out.

Your comments

Thank you for visiting our newest website. We hope you have enjoyed reading about the Community Arts Council of Richmond.

We welcome comments, suggestions and even questions. Please use the contact page to let us know what is on your mind, how we can help etc. Just give us a bit of time to get back to you, the email goes to a central hub and is then sent to the right person.

Why Us?

Well several reasons: we have been around a long time and have a great history, we are small so we try harder and best of all we actually do care about the Arts and those that support it.

So if you would like to help us continue our work, think about joining, or perhaps donating (you get a tax receipt if the amount is over $15.00). We can certainly use the support and thank you.