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Efim Konovalov

Discipline: Visual Artist

Efim (Jeff) was born in Siberia, educated in sunny and ancient Jerusalem and continued his education in Canada after immigrating in 1998. He has pursued the fine arts throughout his entire adolescent life, employing different styles, techniques, mediums and attitudes.

His artwork is aimed to express an idea, a disposition, or to relate an historical account - its purpose is to attract, to arouse emotion and to feed the intellect. Whether it be a nature scenery, a portrait, or a nature-morte painting, he seeks to render his interpretation of reality or the beauty of nature. He relocated to Richmond in 2014 and joined the CACR shortly thereafter.
Primary specializations are charcoal & conte, oil and acrylic on board and canvas, water colour and oil-pastel media

Artistic Education:
1995-1997- Fine art classes at the Museum of Israel
1999-2001 - Private fine art classed with an Art History instructor at Grant MacEwan College
1999-2001 - Alexander Rutherford Scholarship
2001- 2008 - Private painting lessons from Igor Postash, a painter from the Ukraine now residing in Edmonton
2001/02 - U of Alberta Academic Excellence award 
2003 - 2011 University of Alberta - B.A.

Exhibitions Etc:
April 2004 - Private exhibition and sale
July 2004, 5 ,9 & 11- participated in Whyte Ave Art Walk Exhibits at Brush Fire Gallery
January 2005 - Exhibit at Muttart Conservatory (Society of Russian Artists)
2007 - Societe Francaphone d'Alberta
2010 - Deep Freeze Festival
2011, 12 & 13 - Exhibits with the St. Albert Painters Guild
Oct 2013 - Digital Exhibition during Creatives Rising Exhibit New York USA
June 2015 - Midsummer Arts Dream


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