STEP 2 - How To Register a Society - Your Name

How to Register a Society   November 25, 2015   October 25, 2015

STEP 2 - How To Register a Society - Your Name

So you now need to have a meeting to discuss what name you would like to have and it is wise to submit up to 3 names in order of preference in case the first one is already in use or not suitable according to the name Registrar.
‚Ä®Think clearly about what you want to be called. The cost for this service is $30.00 plus a possible service fee. This can be done either on line or at any BC government office. It may be quicker to do it on line but it is your choice.

Here are some tips to help you select the right name:
All names must contain a distinctive element, followed by a descriptive element.  Societies should have the designation \"Society or \"Association\" as the last word in their name. 

Distinctive Element

The distinctive element serves to differentiate names having identical or similar descriptive elements, and for that reason, is the most important element to be examined in the name. Names such as \"Tire Shop Ltd. and\" Shoe Store Ltd. lack an appropriate distinctive element and would be rejected for that reason. They would be acceptable if prefixed with a distinctive element (e.g. ordinary word, geographical location or personal name) that would distinguish them from all the other tire shops and shoe stores. E.g. Downtown Kelowna Tire Shop Ltd. or Sandells Shoe Store Ltd. made-up words are acceptable distinctive elements, provided they do not conflict with others already registered.

Descriptive Element

The descriptive element is useful in describing the nature of the business as well as expanding the options available.  It allows for use of identical or similar distinctive elements, which might be desirable in developing a particular presence in the marketplace. E.g. Ever-ready Brake Shop Ltd. or Better Value Stationery Ltd. or in the case of the arts perhaps Well Tuned Vocal Society as opposed to just plain vocal society. If it is an art society you might want to have a descriptive word in front of art like perhaps, Imaginative, Creative, Working, or your location, or type of art if it is specific like modern, classic, innovative and so on.    
Once ALL involved are very sure of the three choices you can google BC society names or something similar and find where you can file the request on line (you must have a credit card to use to pay for this service) OR you can download the form, complete and take it and the fee into a BC Government Office.( we would put the link here, however we have noticed some changes to links recently so it is better to find it yourself to ensure you are at the right location.)

Once your name has been accepted and registered, then you will need to begin to formulate your constitution and by laws as these make up the details of what your group is all about. This can be time consuming and is something that should be determined at a meeting of those who will be the first directors. This and more will be covered in Step 3.