STEP 1 - How To Register a Society

How to Register a Society   November 25, 2015   October 25, 2015

STEP 1 - How To Register a Society

In November 2016 the BC Societies Act will undergo major changes. With that in mind, if you are NOT in a hurry, it may be better to wait until the end of 2016 to do the actual registry. In the meantime if this is something that you are considering, you should take this time to do the due diligence required so you have everything ready to go, copies and decisions made, fees available to pay and so on.

For those currently registered, there will be a Transition Form issued from the Government, which will assist you in the transition, and some of the information required you will be able to cut and paste from the form etc.
In future all registration must be done electronically only. We are quite sure that for current societies there will be lots of workshop and information made available to you prior to November 29/16.

Keep in mind that here, in this article, we are discussing registration for the Province of BC NOT a Federal registration, which would allow you to issue income tax receipts. Some of the reasons for becoming registered are: the ability to be able to apply for grants from various funders; you will henceforth have a constitution and by-laws which will help you govern and keep to your purpose; the appearance of being a “real” society. After November 29, 2016 ALL Societies constitutions will contain ONLY their name and their purpose.  Any other information and details will be contained in the societies\' by-laws.  For current societies this may create a bit of a hassle but for those registering after that date, you (hopefully) will already have everything in the correct order. So by now it should be clear that the first thing you need to determine is, by what name will your group be called?

Step 2 covers how to select and register your name, which is the first step required so that you can register your group.  Until you have a registered name you cannot continue to become a society, so please continue to Step 2 for more information.