Our Latest Update   May 23, 2017   May 23, 2017


The CACR received the Cultural Leadership award at the 2017 Richmond Art Awards. On May 16th 2017, the CACR,  one of three finalist in the Cultural Leadership category was given this coveted award by City Councillor Harold Steves! This category recognizes  an arts professional or organization as a leader in the arts discipline,  their organization stewardship and their contribution to Richmond's cultural development.

CACR president Natasha Lozovsky-Burns was unable to attend so the acceptance speech was given by Treasurer Margaret Stephens. She is pictured in the photo above flanked by Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, Board member Wendy McNally, Vice-president Klass Focker and presenter Harold Steves. This event is made possible by a partnership with the Richmond Arts Coalition, the City of Richmond and the Richmond News to cultivate greater visibility and understanding of the value of the arts.

The council chambers at Richmond City Hall were packed as the awards were given in 6 different categories. Believe it or not, after operating for almost 50 years, this is the first award the CACR has received. We were very, very happy to receive this award. As we do not maintain a physical office the award will hang at the Arts Connection, our partner in the very successful Immersed in the Arts-Reach to Teach program you can read about elsewhere on this website.

A reception followed and featured musical performances by a very talented group of members from the BC Chinese musical orchestra playing a variety of authentic Chinese instruments. As the evening continued, this writer can report that the CACR received so many congratulations and "well done" to last a long time. It is humbling to receive this award as Richmond has a plethora or talented and committed individuals and groups, but since 1970, the CACR has held to its mandate in support of the arts in Richmond, which is no small feat.