CACR adds ART to the Thompson Community Picnic

Our Latest Update   July 15, 2016   July 15, 2016

CACR adds ART to the Thompson Community Picnic

The sun came out in time for Thompson Community Centers annual community picnic and with its appearance also came the crowd! The CACR was asked to contribute to the ARTS portion of the activities for kids at this annual free event held every year on the grounds of the Community Center.

Of course we said yes, Thompson has been our partner for several years helping with space for both Culture Days and our annual Midsummer Arts Dream so we were happy to be able to give back.

The picnic ran from 6:00 – 8:00 and by 6:00 all the tents and contributors were in place. For our part we set up 4 tables 1 each for Make a Mask, Create a Collage and Bead a Bracelet with the extra table for more working space.  We really had no idea how many kids to expect, nor what would be the popular so we just hoped that our supplies would hold out until 8:00 p.m.

It was a fabulous success, we estimate that we went through over 500 beads (several to make each bracelet) and had to add our reserve supplies to keep everyone happy, We were left with only a few of the blank masks, glue was gone, feathers and sequins everywhere and the collage station was busy as well with many tear outs from magazines and supplies we brought of matt board, stickers, cut outs and more. WE WERE VERY VERY BUSY!

We could not have done it without the help of the fabulous volunteers from Thompson who were fantastic, eager to help, doing everything we asked of them and much more, by far the best young volunteers we have ever worked with. Well done to Thompson for engaging such great students.

At the end, as we asked how many people they thought had attended the event which featured, free hot dogs and drink, music, displays and freebies from many organizations including Fire, Police and many more, but we were too busy to lift our heads to see the others making a contribution to this event. Organizers said they went through 700 hot dogs and then ran out so considering that many do not eat hot dogs, I think one could estimate the number to be gaining on 900 – 1000 attendees.

It was indeed a family affair and at the end, while we were quite tired we were also delighted with the turn out, the interest in the arts the kids, and some adults expressed as well as being able to give back and showcase the arts for Richmond residents.