2016- Another Successful Immersed in the Arts-Reach To Teach

Immersed in the Arts   January 27, 2016   December 31, 2016

2016- Another Successful Immersed in the Arts-Reach To Teach

It is customary, that at the completion of each of the 4-session semesters, we hold a celebratory lunch.  January 2016 marked the achievement of semester number 6!
 A lovely lunch was served and attended by the participating students

Also in attendance were Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie and 2 members of council, 2 teachers and the principals from both Admiral Seymour and Westwind Elementary Schools, CACR Board member, Wendy McNally spoke on behalf of the Community Arts Council of Richmond (CACR) along with others who spoke to the merit of what is still a very unique program.

A highlight was the presentation of a scrapbook created by all the students as a thank you for the opportunity to attend. There was outstanding work on all the pages and some of the pages held geometric designs in metallic pen, so intricate that they would be suitable for framing; obviously the students were flexing their “art” muscles.
The student’s artwork was hung together and a photo taken with them in front, (which is on this page).  The students could not believe how great their work looked! It was professionally hung and you could see and feel the pride they felt as they went back and forth pointing to different aspect of both their own and the work of their new friends.

From this and many other stories and anecdotes it is clear that this program works!
One of the teachers said that she heard the students say that every time they come for a session they feel like royalty. There is also a big change from start to finish during their time being Immersed in Art-Reach to Teach. Their confidence, self worth, patience and ability to express themselves more clearly are all positive side effects of putting together students from differing socio-economic, diverse backgrounds, have them come together, explore their artistic abilities in all disciplines, grow as individual and make new friends.

Please take the time to read the other articles on this amazing partnership program elsewhere on this website and if you would like to donate to assist this program, that information is also available in the other articles. Thank you