2016 Midsummer Arts Dream - The date is Set!

Midsummer Arts Dream   June 24, 2016   June 26, 2016

2016 Midsummer Arts Dream - The date is Set!

The date has been set for our 2016 Midsummer Art’s Dream Exhibition.  In order to avoid any conflicts the dates June 24, 25 & 26 have been chosen for this 5th annual exhibition.

So please start planning now which 3 items of work you will be sending in to be juried. Remember it must be work that has not been exhibited at any of our previous exhibitions. This year, due to popular demand and suggestions from both the artists and the public we will be expanding the show to include any type of 2D work, within the limits given below.
We feel this expansion will give the show a better, more interesting look as well as attracting people who would welcome the chance to see several different mediums at one time.  It will still be a 2D exhibition but will be open to art, photography,  textile, mixed media etc. to apply for jury. As long as the work does not protrude more than 2 inches outward, nor larger than 4 feet, and is framed and hung with wire if art or photography, and has finished edges and ready to be hung it will go to the jury for a decision on admission.

This means that the various award categories  will increase, as well as peoples choice. Last year we held the presentation at 3:00 on the last day, just before the end, however, it did not work out as we had hoped and several winners were not in attendance to accept, which we felt spoiled the idea. So this year the winners will be notified by email, the winners names will be posted on this website, and awards sent by mail.  Our entry form and information sheet are now available for download from this website.  We look forward to welcoming back previous artists as well as new ones of other disciplines.  As always this will be free to the public as well as free to enter for our members, so if you plan to send in an entry or 3, you may want to become a member NOW so you too can enter for free.  A reception with music and refreshments will be held on the Friday night and advertising will be extensive, so we hope to receive a large number of entries for our jury. Be sure to download and READ all the 3 sheets which comprise the entry form (2) and a most important information sheet that will answer most questions and give more details.

Download the Information and Entry PDF below:
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Information PDF - Entry PDF