About Us

Welcome to The Community Arts Council of Richmond BC

The Community Arts Council of Richmond (CACR) is a Federally and Provincially registered, not for profit charity,
Our purpose is to provide and broaden opportunities for citizens of all ages to participate in, and benefit from, the Creative Arts.
This includes, but is not limited to, supporting and exploring new avenues to provided workshops, public events, exhibitions, classes, performances and special programs. We have been operating in Richmond since prior to 1970. Our long history has given us incredible experience in a wide variety of areas all connected, in some way, with the Arts.

On the WHO WE ARE PAGE you can read about all of our accomplishments, since 1970. However, to answer the ABOUT US question would take more writing than you probably want to read. So to break it down and get rid of all the "politically correct" words and phrases it goes something like this.
Once upon a time, back in the 1970's a group of like minded people got together and decided that they needed to encourage, support, sustain and grow the arts community in Richmond. They formed and registered both Provincially and Federally a non profit group to allow them to do this and to ensure that they would be able to give tax receipts for cash donations and apply for grants etc. 
Through the years there have been many changes  in members, directors, focus, fortune, and so on, but always the original mandate was the guiding light. At one time there were tons of members and everyone volunteered. Sadly, that is no longer the case.  Like other similar groups, membership is falling, volunteers are hard to come by and yet everyone expects things to continue as they always have. It no longer seems possible, technology has made written news letters obsolete, emails replace phone calls and so on. People are busier it seems with little or no time for more than they are already doing. Some how we are still surviving and producing quality exhibitions, programs and more.

We have 8 directors, a president, Vice President, secretary and treasurer, plus 4 members at large, we meet monthly or semi-monthly to plan our next event, keep up to date on news in the arts and culture sector and continue to take steps to follow our updated mandate, which is broader than the first, as we stretch to attract and include more people and artists. You will probably read in several other places on this website that we need more help, new ideas, members that will volunteer and more funds. It is repeated because it is mainly the board that accomplishes so much, with little help and we are tired.

Obviously not tired enough to call it quits, but tired enough to not be afraid to ask for help.  We have no paid staff, no office and we too communicate by emails so we don't miss anything important. We do a lot with little and are grateful for any help and for the fact that we can still continue to make a difference in the lives of our artists and public. That about sums up ABOUT US, we welcome comments and other correspondence, just use the contact us section.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Natasha Lovinsky Burns


A Richmond resident, with an extensive background with non-profit groups bringing her expertise to the CACR

Klaas Focker

Vice President

What would we do without Klaas

Margaret Stephens

Treasurer & Primary Administrator

Born and raised in Vancouver she became involved with the CACR when she moved to Steveston.

Michael Shirley


Worked in visual advertising, display and administration for over 33 years for a Canada wide major retailer. 

Angela Cavadas

Board Member

A professional violinist and teacher. In addition she belongs to a number of music societies.

Linda Shirley

Board Member

Twenty-five years ago, Linda founded “The Arts Connection”…a one-stop arts education centre in Steveston.